∞ about sg_eighters ∞ sg_eightersについて ∞

A bit of history... this journal was created initially for the facilitation of SG EIGHTERS gathering on 8th August 2012 for all eighters in Singapore to come together and celebrate Kanjani8's 8th anniversary .... by two quite bo-liao Yoko fans!! (yeah~ like idol, like fans~ we love gatherings)

and we hope to continue with this legacy.... with the tradition to celebrate every special days of eito (if possible! *crossed fingers*)

We welcome all eighters to join us for our activities or events in Singapore! even if you are here for studies, working or for leisure purpose.
though there is no guarantee, but we will try our best to organise as much as possible!
even if you are not eighter, we welcome you all the same as long as you are here to join us with good faith !

hope this serves as a good platform for all to interact~~

2012 エイトの8周年で ヨコファンの二人がお祝いのためにし シンガポールでのeighter達を集めるのためにも 自分達の∞祭が作りました。 
あれ以来 色々なイベントを開きました。

人数が少ないでも 気持ちが無限大∞。 


1. 2012.08.08 EITO MATSURI YA~~!
2. 2012.10.20 8EST SCREENING ~~ HOHOEMI DATE <3
3. 2013.01.26 新年会 aka Hina's Bday celebration!
4. 2013.04.13 KANJANI∞ LIVE TOUR!! 8EST DVD Screening
5. 2013.05.18 Yoko & Kura Bday Celebration 
6. 2013.08.08 - ∞の日
7. 2013.09.21 - ∞ CHALET - BBQ + YasuBa birthday celebration
8. 2013.11.09 - 微笑みデート Bday celebration
9. 2014.02.02 HAPPY CNY WITH EIGHTERS &amp; SHACHOU bday celebration
10. 2014.05.10 Jukebox screening & YokoKura Bday
11. 2014.08.08  ∞ 10ssai Matsuri ∞
12. 2014.09.22 yasuba x 10th anni
13. 2014.11.29 RyoMaru Bday
14. 2015.01.24 celebrating KING's bday
15. 2015.05.16 Kanjanism Screening + YokoKura Bday celebration
16. 2015.07.26 Misono Universe at Japan Film Festival 2015